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Nomadi Productions

Contact person Manager Helmi Saksala
Address Bulevardi 23-27, FI-00180 Helsinki
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)44 3233 509
WWW pages http://www.nomadi.fi
Email nomadi(at)nomadi.fi
Year founded 1995
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 3
Managerial staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Nomadi Productions, a production association of free lance dance, was founded in 1996 by four Finnish free lance dance artists: Alpo Aaltokoski, Jyrki Karttunen (member until the end of 2007), Arja Raatikainen and Katri Soini. The association's aim is to produce and promote dance works jointly or individually for either performance, educational or other artistic purposes in Finland and abroad. Nomadi Procutions was awarded the Finnish State Prize for Dance in 1999.

Alpo Aaltokoski has created over 20 works as a choreographer. He has also danced in several free lance dance productions. Following the pattern of his previous works, Aaltokoski deals with insights on himself and other people; human life, integrity, network of relationships and the course of life repeat themselves in his works. Aaltokoski's thoughts of humanity derive mainly from the 5-year period when he was working as a social worker himself.

Dancer and choreographer Arja Raatikainen has created her own solos and group works, as well as commisioned works since 1987, and she has performed in several events both in Finland and abroad. Her choreographies often focus on the concept of human vs. surrounding world. Raatikainen has worked as an artistic professor since 1998.

Katri Soini has worked extensively as a free lance dance artist in Finland and abroad. She has been as a visiting artist in the Helsinki City Theatre, K. Kvarnström & Co., and Per Jonsson Dance Company as well as in a great number of contemporary dance works. As the first representative of dance, Soini was honoured with the title of a Young Artis of the Year by Finlnad Festivals in 1994.
Engagements Karttunen, Jyrki: choreographer (1996 - 2007)
Performances Private Joy (22.9.1993)
One way only (1994)
3 to 12 (20.4.1995)
Give me happiness (9.11.1996)
Reconciliation (9.11.1996)
Walkman (12.3.1997)
Walkman pasodoble (5.4.1997)
Comments (16.4.1998)
Cycle (14.10.1998)
Digital Duende (20.11.1998)
Omen (16.3.1999)
Steps behind the voices (7.10.1999)
Mr & Mrs Betlehem (16.2.2000)
Opal-D (18.2.2000)
Deep (22.2.2000)
Promises (15.3.2000)
Very Important Persons (15.3.2000)
Dipolos (28.6.2000)
KJp (28.6.2000)
Little Stars (28.6.2000)
The Girl Who Always Was (8.5.2001)
Guardian of the Night - pilgrimage of seven souls (2001) (13.6.2001)
Under (8.11.2001)
Meryl (21.11.2001)
Labile Mobile (1.3.2002)
Sahara (25.4.2002)
Fairy (19.6.2002)
Musta (Raatikainen) (23.1.2004)
Ilman kuuta ja aurinkoa (24.2.2004)
Yellow Happiness (24.2.2004)
Flow (28.1.2005)
Lucid Dreaming (28.1.2005)
Dramatic miniatures (II version) (18.6.2005)
Human Imitations (30.11.2005)
One Day and One Night (31.3.2006)
Numen (25.7.2006)
The Long Stride and Talk on Dance (12.4.2007)
Magician (24.7.2007)
Trio (Aaltokoski) (27.9.2007)
My Imaginary Friend is With Me (27.10.2007)
Guardian of the Night (2008) (13.3.2008)
Café Metro (30.9.2008)