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In period of time
picture176.jpg In the picture: Mika Backlund (left.), Timo Saari, Sami Vartiainen, Joona Halonen, Carl Knif, Ari Numminen
Photo: Ninna Lindström
picture177.jpg In the picture: Mika Backlund
Photo: Ninna Lindström

Guardian of the Night - pilgrimage of seven souls (2001)

Choreographer Aaltokoski, Alpo
First Performance 13.6.2001
Place of First Performance Kuopio Dance Festival
Finnish premiere 13.6.2001
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Taina Relander
Costume designer Taina Relander
Lighting Designer Pasi Pehkonen
Sound designer Timo Muurinen
Music composed for the work Olli Koskelin
Other Information Makeup: Tuija Luukkainen, photographs and graphic desing: Ninna Kuismanen. The work was a co-production of Nomadi Productions, Kuopio Dance Festival, Full Moon Dance Festival, Zodiak - Center for New Dance and Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki.
Companies Nomadi Productions
Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Backlund, Mika (2001)
Halonen, Joona (2001)
Knif, Carl (2001)
Numminen, Ari (2001)
Saari, Timo (2001)
Vartiainen, Sami (2001)
Kellokumpu, Simo (2001)