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picture39.jpg In the picture: Anu Sistonen (vas.), Tero Saarinen, Henrikki Heikkilä
Photo: Tanja Ahola

Tero Saarinen Company

Artistic director Tero Saarinen
Contact person Managing Director Iiris Autio
Address Bulevardi 23-27, FI-00180 Helsinki
Telephone +358 (0)9 6813 1881
WWW pages http://www.terosaarinen.com
Email info@terosaarinen.com
Year founded 1996
Funding Subsidized under the Theatres and Orchestras Act
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 8
Managerial staff (number of) 4
Technical staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble No
Description The primary aim of Tero Saarinen Company, founded by dancer-choreographer Tero Saarinen in 1996, is to use the language of dance to investigate, promote and communicate a humane worldview and basic human values.

Tero Saarinen Company is one of Finland’s leading cultural exports; the group has appeared in over 30 countries and its core activities include running an international teaching programme and licensing Saarinen’s choreographies to other prominent dance groups.

The Company provides work for about 80 individuals each year, eight of whom have permanent posts. The group is in permanent residence at Helsinki’s Alexander Theatre.

Artistic Director: Tero Saarinen
Managing Director: Iiris Autio
Technical Director: Eero Auvinen
Dancer, Rehearsing Director: Henrikki Heikkilä
Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer's Assistant: Sini Länsivuori
Marketing and Communications Manager:Terhi Mikkonen
Production Assistant, Tour Manager: Marja Ollikainen
Financial Assistant: Martina Toiviainen

International Agencies:
France, North America, Asia and Oceania: DLB Spectacles Performing Arts, Mr. Didier Le Besque, didier.le-besque@wanadoo.fr, Tel. +33 (0)1 4251 7363, www.dlbdance.com
Italy: A.T.E.R. - Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna, Ms. Francesca
Zitoli, danza@ater.emr.it, tel. +39 059 340 221
Other Information The company changed its name into Tero Saarinen Company in autumn 2002. Company's previous name was Tero Saarinen & Company Toothpick.
Engagements Saarinen, Tero: artistic director (2002 - )
Performances B 12 (solo) (30.11.1988)
Wanha (13.5.1994)
Westward Ho! (18.2.1996)
Overdosed Mood (30.6.1997)
Travelling (21.2.1998)
Un / Do (14.4.1998)
Gaspard (10.2.1999)
"Could you take some of my weight...?" (28.5.1999)
Pulcinella (Saarinen) (27.10.1999)
Man in a Room (17.6.2000)
Kaze (22.6.2001)
Petrushka (Saarinen) (30.6.2001)
Hunt (2.6.2002)
Borrowed Light (8.10.2004)
Next of Kin (8.5.2008)
Scheme of Things (5.2.2009)
Vox Balaenae (5.11.2011)
MESH (2.2.2014)
Morphed (16.8.2014)
Kullervo (13.2.2015)
Pilgrim Calling (17.4.2015)
Radio Mammalia (17.4.2015)
TRAIL (1.12.2015)
Match (13.5.2016)
Loopit (4.2.2017)
Breath (12.4.2018)
Third Practice (29.5.2019)