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Scheme of Things

Choreographer Saarinen, Tero
First Performance 5.2.2009
Place of First Performance LucentDanstheater, The Hague, The Netherlands
Finnish premiere 31.8.2012
Place of Premiere Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 33
Scenography Mikki Kunttu
Costume designer Erika Turunen
Lighting Designer Mikki Kunttu
Performers of the premiere seven dancers
Other music kooste/collage:
Biosphere: Freeze-Frames
Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency: Snapshot Survey
Jeff Buckley: You and I
Trey Gunn: The Ghosts Listen
Jarmo Saari: Atonal Glass
Description Scheme of Things is Tero Saarinen's second work for Netherlands Dans Theater.

The work presents a cornucopia of emotions and patterns of behaviour that repeatedly manifest themselves in our relationships.

The core of the work are the significance of timing and reflections on emotional extremes and differing expectations - from possessiveness to fear of commitment, from greed and jealousy to selfnessless and safrifice.
Other Information Choreographer's Assistants: Elke Schepers, Sini Länsivuori.

The worked was taken onto the reportoire of Tero Saarinen Company on 2011. Premiere: 5.11.2011, Automne en Normandie, Saint-Étienne-du-Rovray, Le Rive Gauche, France.

Realisation of the costumes for Tero Saarinen Company: Tipi Taskinen, Anni Laanti / Atelje Teatro.
Companies NDT 1
Tero Saarinen Company
Dancers Hyvärinen, Annika
Lampinen, Mikko
Lehmus, Jarkko
Lommi, Natasha
Louhio, Pekka
Nurmela, Maria