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K&C Kekäläinen & Company

Artistic director Sanna Kekäläinen
Contact person Artistic Director Sanna Kekäläinen
Address Tallberginkatu 1 E 64, FI-00180 Helsinki
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)9 694 1201
WWW pages http://www.kekalainencompany.net
Email kc@kekalainencompany.net
Year founded 1996
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 1
Managerial staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Kekäläinen & Company was founded in 1996. This Helsinki-based dance theatre combines dance with other art forms, thus creating an expanded yet strongly physical form of performing art.

The company’s mission is to promote dance as an intellectual art form with a strong emotional and political potential. The company has toured extensively and has been recognised around the world as courageous, controversial, highly artistic and outstanding.

The creator and artistic director of the company is the choreographer and dancer Sanna Kekäläinen, who has worked intensively in the Finnish dance scene since the 1980s.

Her work expands the experience of a dance performance, combining poetic and conceptual thinking, philosophy and strongly physical and original movement language. In 1994 Kekäläinen was the first ever dancer to receive the Young Art Finland Prize.
Other Information The group lead by choreogrpaher Sanna Kekälinen changed it's name in March 2001. The group was previously know as the Physical Art Theatre.
Engagements Kekäläinen, Sanna: artistic director (2001 - )
Performances Proposal for a Duet for Two Men (6.12.1993)
Faunin iltapäivä (Kekäläinen) (25.6.1996)
Iho - Skinless (Kekäläinen) (3.4.2001)
Uhri - Sacre (Kekäläinen) (27.10.2001)
Verso (10.4.2002)
BODY - Fragmentteja ihmisen ruumiista (6.11.2002)
This Red Patch on the Carpet (14.12.2002)
Nais(t)en duetto (6.4.2003)
Jäitä lihassa (9.5.2003)
Samettia - muotokuvia (9.5.2003)
Mieli - Mind (13.1.2004)
Persoona - Person, Reflections of the Mind (14.4.2004)
Effie meets Sylph (4.5.2004)
Rihmastollisia jänteitä (4.5.2004)
Teo (1.12.2004)
Reality (19.4.2005)
Sacre II (Kekäläinen) (19.4.2005)
Creature (10.1.2006)
Unidentified Dancer (10.1.2006)
Faunin iltapäivä (Kekäläinen, 2006) (22.4.2006)
La Petrushka (22.4.2006)
Puna-Red-Rouge (21.2.2007)
Tanssijan tunnustuksia (5.6.2007)
Pää-Head (24.2.2008)
Love-rehearsal (26.5.2008)
Onni-Bonheur-Happiness (22.2.2009)
Häpeä - Shame (16.1.2010)
Onni-Bonheur-Happiness 2 (9.4.2010)
Häpeämättömät-Shameless (27.11.2010)
The Beast - A Book in an Orange Tent (27.11.2011)
REHEARSAL (21.4.2012)
Speech & Spectacle (17.5.2014)
PRIVATE - Narcissism remix (29.11.2014)
DIVA VULVA (18.4.2015)
Passion (Kekäläinen) (22.1.2016)
Intima Ö (18.11.2016)
Whorescope (1.4.2017)
Studien über Hysterie Zwei (Kekäläinen) (16.8.2017)
Insane (24.1.2018)
Vieras-Främling-Stranger (24.2.2019)
Kaksi käsitteellistä versiota henkilökohtaisesta (8.4.2019)
If I Would Lose My Voice (16.8.2020)
Parvi - Flock (29.9.2021)
Epidermis - The Fragile Skin of the Earth (28.10.2022)