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WWW pages http://www.offbalance.fi
Year founded 2009
Style Contemporary Dance
Production based ensemble No
Description Dance Company Off/Balance is the brainchild of two professional dancers and lifelong friends Terhi Kuok­kanen (MA in Dance) and Elina Häyrynen (MA in Dance). Häyrynen and Kuokkanen wish Off/Bal­ance to represent vitality and broadmindedness and to open up fresh views on arts. They invite guest choreographers and other artists project-wise, thus not profiling Off/Balance on a particular choreographer’s artistic perception or style.
Performances Free Fall (10.7.2013)
Void (26.9.2013)
Matolainen (12.12.2013)
The Age of the Wind (19.11.2014)
Hutiklubi (8.7.2015)
Face-to-Face (17.2.2018)
Symphony (16.5.2018)
The Gardener (14.5.2019)
Them two (30.8.2019)
The Mind (26.9.2020)
Vähin äänin (30.9.2021)