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The Age of the Wind

Choreographer Mustonen, Anna
First Performance 19.11.2014
Place of First Performance Vaajakosken Wanha Woimala, Jyväskylä
Finnish premiere 19.11.2014
Place of Premiere Vaajakosken Wanha Woimala, Jyväskylä
Style Contemporary Dance
Scenography Piia Rinne, Anna Mustonen
Costume designer Piia Rinne
Performers of the premiere Eleni Pierides, Jukka Tarvainen, Piia Rinne
Description The Age of the Wind is a sensual performance dealing with clinging and detachment of the body and the surrounding matter. We are constantly in contact with clothes, items and devices. In this performance the dance happens when the performer gets involved in ia. running tight’s, designer vase’s or chiffon scarf’s choreography.

The piece is the first part of The Age of the Wind trilogy in which Mustonen wants to enforce the relationship between the body and the world by slowly changing her attitude towards breathing, the power of life, vibrations, surfaces and fluency.
Companies Off/Balance
Dancers Pierides, Eleni
Tarvainen, Jukka
Rinne, Piia