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Choreographer Rissanen, Anni
First Performance 17.2.2018
Place of First Performance The old beverage factory of Jyväskylä
Finnish premiere 17.2.2018
Place of Premiere The old beverage factory of Jyväskylä
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Lighting Designer Tuukka Toijanniemi
Sound designer Tuuli Kyttälä
Performers of the premiere Terhi Kuokkanen, Elina Häyrynen
Description Face-to-Face introduces a view on the making process of one picture. The stage is a vast paper canvas on where the picture is formed by movement imprints of three performers: two dancers and a visual artist. The six meters wide picture transforms scales familiar to us so that one can look into the world of movements contained by a picture. The performance may then be viewed both as a work of art as well as a dance performance.
Companies Off/Balance
Dancers Kuokkanen, Terhi (2018)
Häyrynen, Elina (2018)