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Karttunen Kollektiv

Artistic director Jyrki Karttunen
Contact person Managing Director Satu Immonen, International affairs Pia Repo
Address PL 580 FI-00101 Helsinki
Telephone +358 44 274 88 42
WWW pages http://www.karttunenkollektiv.fi
Email etunimi@karttunenkollektiv.fi, firstname@karttunenkollektiv.fi
Year founded 2007
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 1
Managerial staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description In the course of his career Jyrki Karttunen has created many first-rate, powerfully expressive works, such as Days Of Disco (2009), Situation Room (2008), Human Imitations (2005) and Fairy (Keiju, 2002). Humorous light-heartedness contrasted by darker colours is typical for his works. Moreover, his movement language is surprising and original, fluent but form-oriented. After 10 years of working inside the Nomadi Productions Karttunen founded his own company Karttunen Kollektiv in 2007.
Engagements Karttunen, Jyrki: artistic director (2008 - )
Performances Digital Duende (20.11.1998)
Fairy (19.6.2002)
Dramatic miniatures (II version) (18.6.2005)
Human Imitations (30.11.2005)
My Imaginary Friend is With Me (27.10.2007)
Situation Room (11.4.2008)
A little bit of glamour for set changes (3.12.2008)
Moves (in order of appearance) (3.12.2008)
Retrospective installation for a dancer in Digital duende (3.12.2008)
Days of Disco (23.10.2009)
Bad Body Doubles (27.11.2010)
Lacrimae (14.6.2012)
100 Ways to Laugh (6.10.2012)
Jemina - Act as you'd know her (22.11.2012)