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Liisa Pentti + CO

Artistic director Liisa Pentti
Contact person Choreographer Liisa Pentti
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)50 5824 914
WWW pages http://www.liisapentti.com
Email liisa(at)liisapentti.com
Year founded 2000
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Liisa Pentti + CO is a Helsinki-based dance group which was founded in 2000. The group’s artistic director is the dancer-choreographer Liisa Pentti. + CO’s artistic aim is to create dance productions that combine emotion with the body’s kinesthetic knowledge to produce movement. The starting point of their works is movement; elements of both theatre and visual and vocal expression support the movement’s emotions.

For the dancer-choreographer Liisa Pentti, the verbal and virtual reality of texts and the art of storytelling have always served as travel guides to a human being’s innermost corners. Many of her choreographies, which currently total over 20 works, have been strongly inspired by literature. Pentti also teaches contact improvisation and a number of other techniques to students of drama, among others.
Engagements Pentti, Liisa: Artistic Director (2000 - )
Performances 9 bricks from my pocket (28.3.2001)
Men of Honour (18.10.2002)
Schreibstück (23.1.2003)
Masha Amplituda - sanoja, huutoja, unia (28.1.2004)
Travel (18.5.2006)
Die Unheimliche Freundin (22.8.2007)
The Weight of My Heart (9.11.2011)
Spaceparticles #5 (28.5.2013)
Spaceparticles #10 (18.10.2013)
WDMSNLCA - Why Does My Sister Not Like Contemporary Art (29.4.2015)
The Body - The Body is a (clear) Place in the Space (22.9.2017)
Fragile Eyes (19.3.2019)
Cloudbody – an ecology of dreams #1 (20.9.2019)
Cloudbody - an ecology of dreams #2 (9.6.2020)
Ref2020 (14.10.2020)
Four x Duet + 1 (26.2.2021)
Liisa Pentti +Co & Oblivia 21 years (30.10.2021)