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Spaceparticles #5

Choreographer Pentti, Liisa
First Performance 28.5.2013
Place of First Performance Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 28.5.2013
Place of Premiere Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Graziella Tomasi
Costume designer Terttu Torkkola
Lighting Designer Meri Ekola
Sound designer Patrick Kosk, Jouni Tauriainen
Performers of the premiere Rea Liina Brunou, Nina Viitamäki, Leila Kourkia, Mickael Stoeckel, Kimmo Alikunnas, Liisa Pentti
Music composed for the work Terry Riley - In C
Description Spaceparticles #5 explores the relationships between dance, music and visuality in a gallery space. Spaceparticles is a synthesis, where movement blending into music is combined with spatial-visual manipulation, bringing new levels into the work.
Other Information Production: Liisa Pentti +Co.

Spaceparticles #5 is the second part of the Spaceparticles trilogy by Liisa Pentti +Co.
Companies Liisa Pentti + CO
Dancers Brunou, Rea-Liina (2013)
Viitamäki, Nina (2013)
Kourkia, Leila (2013)
Stoeckel, Mickaël (2013)
Alikunnas, Kimmo (2013)
Pentti, Liisa (2013)