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In period of time
picture227.jpg In the picture: Jyrki Karttunen (left), Sari Lakso
Photo: Janne Mäkinen, 2001, Kuvataiteen keskusarkisto


Choreographer Karttunen, Jyrki
First Performance 21.11.2001
Place of First Performance Ateneum Hall, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 21.11.2001
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 25
Scenography Matti Jykylä, Kimmo Karjunen, Jyrki Karttunen
Costume designer Marja Uusitalo
Lighting Designer Matti Jykylä
Sound designer Kimmo Karjunen
Description Meryl, choreographed by Jyrki Karttunen, is a solo created for dancer Sari Lakso. Meryl makes her journey in an abstract landscape torn by feelings of melancholy and desertion. For some reason, laughter gets stuck in the throat and existence is but a transient reflection. Life continues its irrevocable course, and Meryl finds herself thinking more and more about giving up and starting anew.
Meryl is a study, one person's viewpoint separated from Karttunen's larger group choreography Alla/Under.
Other Information Realization of video: Kimmo Karjunen, photographer: Janne Mäkinen (Ateneum). The work was a co-production of Nomadi Productions and Ateneum Hall.
Companies Nomadi Productions
Dancers Karttunen, Jyrki (2001)
Lakso, Sari (2001)