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Ballet Finland

Artistic director Ville Valkonen
Contact person Ville Valkonen
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)40 844 1196
WWW pages http://www.balletfinland.com
Email info@balletfinland.com
Year founded 2009
Style Contemporary Dance
Style Classic Ballet
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Ballet Finland is a modern ballet group that performs new inspiring pieces based on classical ballet technique. The company approaches ballet with new perspective refreshing the movement language and also adding elements from other dance styles.

Ballet Finland also aims to bring ballet and dance to places where it is not expected. The goal is to make everyone excited about dance, ballet or other styles.

Morning classes are provided by Ballet Finland on a regular basis to classically trained dancers in Finland who want to improve their technique.
Other Information Ballet Finland went through many changes in the year 2014. Ville Valkonen started as the artistic director of the group and the name of the company was changed from Little Ballet of Finland to the current form: Ballet Finland.

Along with the changes Ballet Finland has become a tightly knit professional company that maintains their current repertoire and partnerships, like the So You Think You Can Muuv? -dance workshop in cooperation with the Finnish National Ballet.
Performances 2 x 2
En voi?
Viimeinen tanssi
Variation from the ballet La Esmeralda (9.3.1844)
Vakosamettihousuinen mies (31.8.2008)
Swans from Jukola Finland (16.5.2010)
Ballet U.G. (11.10.2010)
Put Your Heart Back in Your Pocket (6.12.2010)
Kuvio minussa (22.5.2011)
Miksi aina (22.5.2011)
Parempi omillaan? (22.5.2011)
Silivatiseilaa (22.5.2011)
Ystävä 74 (22.5.2011)
Hole in the universe (27.5.2011)
The Fancy Lake of Swans (16.6.2011)
Sähköenkeli (21.6.2011)
Elämä Suonissa (22.6.2011)
Älä jätä pimeään yksin (1.11.2011)
Variation from the ballet Don Quixote (Basilio) (6.12.2011)
Ehkä Marie! (6.12.2011)
Jäällä (6.12.2011)
Memoriamos (6.12.2011)
Muisto, soolo (6.12.2011)
Usvaa (7.12.2011)
Ikkillyk (7.3.2013)
Kaskelotti (7.3.2013)
Parvessa (7.3.2013)
Eduardon tarina (13.7.2013)
Suis moi je te fuis (23.7.2013)
Untamed (20.9.2013)
Seitsemän (7.11.2013)
Magnet (12.7.2014)
Red Light Drowning (2.12.2015)
Tonava kaunoinen (5.1.2016)
Uncertain Distance (21.10.2016)
Mannerheim ja Suomi-neito (5.1.2017)
Keiju ja Menninkäinen (5.1.2018)
Bienvenue (5.1.2019)
Birgit (19.11.2019)
Neljä (4) (19.11.2019)
Things that keep me up at night (19.11.2019)