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Dance Company Gruppen Fyra (G4)

Contact person Pia Liski
Address Vyökatu 5 B 11, FI-00160 Helsinki
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)40 7373 235
WWW pages http://www.gruppenfyra.com
Email pia.liski(at)kolumbus.fi
Year founded 1998
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 4
Managerial staff (number of) 1
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Since the dance company Gruppen Fyra was founded in 1998 it has operated actively, producing 1-2 premieres per year. Apart from theatres, the company has also performed at business events and has made improvisation-based pieces in e.g. parks, streets and trams. Their trademark is an easily approachable form of Contemporary dance and intelligent humour. The company currently consists of Jenni Nikolajeff, Pia Tavela and Tommi Haapaniemi, as well as various extra members from different art fields.
Performances Swells, Bulges and a Bang (1997)
Green (14.11.1998)
Miehet lakoavat siniviivalle (7.2.1999)
Sinulle (15.8.1999)
Backdevil (15.8.1999)
Elvis (17.8.1999)
Vastahitsi (30.10.1999)
Bess (28.7.2000)
Tanssivat kadunlakaisijat (31.7.2001)
Solo for a large flightless bird (10.11.2001)
(CLINCH) (15.2.2002)
Kehäkukat (15.2.2002)
Singapore Sling (15.2.2002)
Vinstnumret är... (15.2.2002)
Propaganda (10.10.2002)
Gruppenführer (24.9.2003)
Kalajuttu (24.9.2003)
Nikita (9.2.2004)
Turismi (17.6.2004)
Sing (15.4.2005)
Minä minä minä (22.4.2005)
Matsuri I (9.6.2006)
Kitchen (6.6.2007)
Matsuri II (1.6.2008)
MAMA! (5.5.2011)
Great Expectations (17.10.2014)
Drink the New Wine (8.5.2015)
Shiranai-Hito (4.3.2016)
Goodwill (12.4.2018)
The Soiree (22.9.2021)