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Choreographer Suonsyrjä, Sanna
Nikolajeff, Jenni
Tavela (Liski), Pia
First Performance 31.7.2001
Place of First Performance Hämeenlinna
Finnish premiere 31.7.2001
Style Contemporary Dance
Other Style Muu tyylilaji
Duration (min) 15
Costume designer Gruppen Fyra
Other Information An earlier version of the work was performed in year 2000 as a part of a street theatre production called 140 Apparitions. This production, which conisted of several perfomances that took place all over Helsinki, was a part of the Helsinki European City of Culture programme.
Companies Dance Company Gruppen Fyra (G4)
Dancers Suonsyrjä, Sanna (2001)
Nikolajeff, Jenni (2001)
Tavela (Liski), Pia (2001)