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Void - A Psychodrama

Choreographer von Bagh, Jenni-Elina
First Performance 7.8.2021
Place of First Performance Cultural centre Caisa, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Nieminen Virpi
Costume designer Fossheim Ingvill
Lighting Designer Sirviö Luca
Sound designer Doris Tari
Performers of the premiere Karttunen Jyrki, Markkula Outi, Purovaara Johannes
Description "We will dive into a time that can no longer be managed, into a world that has just lost all human technology and tactics.

Void − A Psychodrama is a network and choreography between three performers and different theatrical components. It is an absurd and humorous attempt to find an expression or passage to an extreme internal experience that exceeds the human body. Void − A Psychodrama drills determinedly into the transition and confusion at hand. It blends the concepts of human and material, drama and stage.

The work is inspired by contemporary philosophy and posthumanist thought in relation to uncategorization, in-betweenness and the event of becoming. As a starting point for the piece is the concept of Void (inspired by the book: The Incorporeal, Elisabeth Grosz, 2017). "
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers von Bagh, Jenni-Elina (2021)
Karttunen, Jyrki (2021)
Markkula, Outi (2021)
Purovaara, Johannes (2021)