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An Indicent of Closeness

Choreographer Tanis, Emrecan
First Performance 19.4.2018
Place of First Performance Pori Theatre, Pori
Finnish premiere 9.4.2018
Place of Premiere Pori Theatre, Pori
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Costume designer Erika Turunen
Lighting Designer Anssi Ruotanen
Sound designer Mehmet Tanis
Performers of the premiere Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka, Riku Lehtopolku
Music composed for the work Mehmet Tanis
Description In the most crowded and concentrated cities there already lives over 10 people per square meter and this number is growing every moment. Often we are not able to choose with whom we share the space but we do have an opportunity to influence how to adjust ourselves to these conditions. Is it possible to feel free in these restricted conditions? Does our approach towards others transform as the space gets less and less? Shall we fight for the space or welcome others to our square meter?
Companies PDC Pori Dance Company
Dancers Tankka, Meri (2018)
Tankka, Riikka (2018)
Lehtopolku, Riku (2018)