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PDC Pori Dance Company

Artistic director Liisa Nojonen
Contact person Artistic director Liisa Nojonen
Address Pohjoisranta 11, FI-28100 Pori
Telephone +358 (0)400 590 392, +358 (0)40 7420 332
WWW pages http://www.poridancecompany.com
Email pdc(at)poridancecompany.com
Year founded 1995
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Artistic staff (number of) 1
Managerial staff (number of) 2
Technical staff (number of) 2
Production based ensemble Yes
Description P.D.C.Pori Dance Company`s repertoire emphasises contemporary dance and jazz. P.D.C. also produces family-orientated repertoire. P.D.C produces from 2 to 3 premiers annually. The company consists of 8 permanent dancers: Kati Aalto, Marianne Eronen, Mikko Lampinen, Riku Lehtopolku, Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka, Leena Tulonen and Julia Koivukoski. Versatility has always been the strength of the P.D.C. The company tours both in Finland and abroad.
Other Information The name of the company changed in February 2001. It was formaly known as Dance Company Liisa Nojonen.
Performances More milk (1992)
Lifewheel (28.5.1994)
Madame Mysteerin Karavaani (9.8.2000)
Track's (2001)
Even more milk (27.1.2002)
Of which below can be glimpsed a stretch of beach (27.1.2002)
Nierika (25.2.2002)
E pur si`muove (17.11.2002)
Schrei X (28.2.2003)
Geamparale (1.3.2003)
Ilveilijät (14.3.2004)
This side of May (7.4.2004)
Faces of Love (14.11.2004)
From A to B and back again (9.4.2005)
Huimaus (9.4.2005)
Kylki palaa... (9.4.2005)
Hijo de la Luna (7.11.2005)
Wonderful (7.11.2005)
Closer (Rouhiainen) (20.11.2005)
Peter and the Wolf (P.D.C.) (7.1.2006)
Onyma (15.4.2007)
ARK (6.4.2015)
You are the Measure (22.4.2017)
End Product (13.11.2017)
Requiem (Uotinen) (11.1.2018)
An Indicent of Closeness (19.4.2018)
Dividual (26.10.2018)
Home (2.12.2018)
Romukylän kuolleisjuhlat (4.5.2019)
Van Helsink: Shitstorm (2.11.2019)
Kun Maa Keinuu - hetkiä vuosisadan rakkaustarinasta (23.11.2019)
OBE (16.12.2019)
STREAM (9.9.2021)
Tänä iltana (24.11.2021)