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Choreographer Poolamets, Urmas
First Performance 4.9.2015
Place of First Performance Manilla, Turku
Finnish premiere 4.9.2015
Place of Premiere Manilla, Turku
Duration (min) 65
Scenography Janne Teivainen
Costume designer Kaija Maunula
Lighting Designer Janne Teivainen
Sound designer Henri Haakana
Performers of the premiere Atte Herd, Helmi Järvensivu, Laura Kallas, Anni Pilhjärta
Musicians: Henri Haakana
 ja Valtteri Valo
Description Leiblied tells of love in the time when the German troops were in Lapland - a love that does not need a common language.

In Lapland, women who have become more independent find the years of the Continuation War between Finland and Soviet Union thrillingly enchanting. Courtesies of handsome soldiers lead to social evenings and parties. Afterwards, secrets are shared between girlfriends. Then the unexpected happens. In the ruins of a burned down town, people begin to wonder, who the traitor was. The one who did as ordered? The one who fell in love? Or the one, who turned his back?

With Leiblied, choreographer Urmas Poolamets takes on themes that have been kept quiet for years. The poetic name of the performance, Leiblied, can be loosely translated as Song of the Body.

Other Information Leiblied premieres in the city of Turku on September 4th at Manifesti Factory Festival together with AB Dance Company's performance Regina.
Companies Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi
Dancers Herd, Atte (2015)
Järvensivu, Helmi (2015)
Kallas, Laura (2015)
Pilhjärta, Anni (2015)