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Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi

Artistic director Taiteellinen johtaja Matti Paloniemi
Contact person Producer Miia Heikki
Address Lapinkävijäntie 3, FI-96100 Rovaniemi
Telephone Tel. +358 (0)40 8284 258
WWW pages http://www.rimpparemmi.fi
Email rimpparemmi@rimpparemmi.com
Year founded 1974
Funding Subsidized under the Theatres and Orchestras Act
Other Style
Artistic staff (number of) 8
Managerial staff (number of) 2
Production based ensemble No
Description Finland's northernmost professional dance theatre Rimpparemmi is a unique mix of Finnish folk dance and contemporary dance. The rugged power of expression combined with the flow of contemporary dance creates dance theatre that touches, speaks to and entertains its audience.

Rimpparemmi produces annually 2-4 works, at least one of which is directed to children and youth. There are about 120 performances each year. The group also performs abroad.
Performances The Ugly Duckling (5.5.2009)
Mie oon kuitenki onnellinen (15.6.2009)
Caged Polka (27.7.2010)
Minä ja kuu (26.11.2010)
Hurmureita ja huviveroa (16.2.2011)
Sahara (26.3.2011)
Niko and I (31.8.2011)
Huijausko (15.2.2012)
Herd in the Arctic Paradise (24.10.2014)
Simpletons (Immonen) (3.2.2015)
Squirrel's Song - Full of Disco Flare (25.6.2015)
Leiblied (4.9.2015)
Oksensitte Jupiteria (27.7.2016)
Johtajan vapaapäivä - tanssijoiden ilta (14.3.2017)
Kymmenen laulua naisesta (30.8.2017)
Kertomus seitsemästä hirtetystä (13.3.2019)
Cabaret (21.9.2019)
Huomisen todistajat (8.12.2019)
Fades Away (1.10.2021)