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Mermaid Annabel and Sad Marjatta

Choreographer Herrala, Satu
First Performance 8.9.2015
Place of First Performance Zodiak Stage, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 8.9.2015
Place of Premiere Zodiak Stage, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 70
Scenography Anna Cadia, Minttu Vesala
Costume designer Minttu Vesala
Lighting Designer Anna Pöllänen
Performers of the premiere Ingrid André, Niina Hosiasluoma, Olli Kontulainen, Hanna Raiskinmäki
Music composed for the work

Description Peppi, Kerttu, Lenni, Orvokki, Leino.
The setting: a living room somewhere in Helsinki.
Many kinds of music. Instruments. Vocals, self-performed.
Lights, or at least creative use of the light switch.
Specific and carefully crafted costume design.
A loving yet demanding relationship with the audience.
A show that takes shape before the eyes of the spectator; always inventive, always commanding.

A show where every child has a role.

A performance that is transformed from a child’s play into a staged performance by giving it a title that in many cases also defines the turning point of the performance, such as Mermaid Annabel and Sad Marjatta, who is sad because Annabel dies.

A show that only ends when it is interrupted.

Performance Mermaid Annabel and Sad Marjatta deals with transience. It is an attempt to reproduce a moment that once was, to capture the freedom of children and their bodies. In the performance adults try to copy, as best as they can, scenes originally created by five children younger than 9. The result is something simultaneously hilarious and wistful.

Other Information Direction and performance dramaturgy: Paula Salminen, Anna Cadia
Video design: Anna Cadia
Dancers Raiskinmäki, Hanna (2015)
Kontulainen, Olli (2015)
Hosiasluoma, Niina (2015)