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Quartet for the End of Time (Railo)

Choreographer Railo, Tuomo
First Performance 20.9.2013
Place of First Performance Espoo Cultural Centre
Finnish premiere 20.9.2013
Place of Premiere Espoo Cultural Centre
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Mette Nordin
Costume designer Mette Nordin
Lighting Designer Pasi Pehkonen
Performers of the premiere Simo Heiskanen, Ilona Keñová, Guillermo Sarduy, Katri Soini, Tuomo Railo ja Juan José Torres Martinez
Other music Olivier Messiaen: Quatruor pour la fin du temps, Ensemble Kontraste
Description Quartet for the End of Time is the second part of Tuomo Railo's trilogy dealing with new dimensions of humanity.
Railo has made the choreography based on a classic composition created by Olivier Messiaen in 1941 at a prisoner-of-war camp. The events on stage are tuned in to grotesque expression, combined with the sometimes humorously random, sometimes horrifyingly chaotic logic of dreams.
"The performance includes a lot of lottery and improvisation. The rehearsal process has included play on the quality of movement, archetypes and different rules. I hope the end result will reach our ´collective subconscious'
Messiaen composed his quartet at a prisoner-of-war camp. His composition is living proof of how important imagination and creativity are for humans. Our dance performance is a tribute to artists who have continued working even in harsh conditions.". – Tuomo Railo
Companies Glims & Gloms Dance Company
Dancers Soini, Katri (2013)
Heiskanen, Simo (2013)
Kenova, Ilona (2013)
Sarduy, Guillermo (2013)