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Choreographer Hay, Deborah
First Performance 20.8.2010
Place of First Performance Pannuhalli, Cable Factory
Finnish premiere 20.8.2010
Place of Premiere Pannuhalli, Cable Factory
Style Contemporary Dance
Costume designer Monika Hartl
Lighting Designer Heikki Paasonen
Sound designer Tuomas Norvio
Performers of the premiere Joona Halonen, Satu Halttunen, Anne Hiekkaranta, Jyrki Karttunen, Jenni-Elina Lehto and Vera Nevanlinna
Description Whenever humanity seems contemned to heaviness, I think i should fly like a Perseus into a different space. It doesn't mean escaping into dreams or into the irrational. I mean that I have to change my approach, look at the world from a different perspective with a different logic and with fresh methods of cognition and verification.
-Italo Calvino
Dancers Halonen, Joona
Halttunen, Satu
Hiekkaranta, Anne
Karttunen, Jyrki
Lehto, Jenni-Elina
Nevanlinna, Vera