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All Matters - Part 3 of the Raw Matters Trilogy (demo)

Choreographer Tiili, Arja
First Performance 5.8.2010
Place of First Performance Kiasma
Finnish premiere 5.8.2010
Place of Premiere Kiasma
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Lighting Designer Jani-Matti Salo
Sound designer Kasperi Laine
Performers of the premiere Kaisa Niemi, Arja Tiili, Petri Kanerva ja Jani-Matti Salo
Music composed for the work Kasperi Laine
Other music Dshingish Khan (Dshingish Khan), Frederik (Volga) ja Geto Boys.
Description The third and final part of the Raw-Matters trilogy creates a shift from personal to global. Themes of the performance include power, equity and deprivation. The group has asked itself: "Under whose power am I?" and "What kind of power do I have?"

The elements of the performance include war statistics, breakdance, documentary videos of Moscow, Helsinki and Chechnya, Lappeenranta rap, 70s disco dance and John Oswald like musical chaff.
In a process of going out of one's own comfort zone, the group aims for dynamic imbalance and an unpredictable outcome by deliberately giving up control.

Unconventional finnish choreographer Arja Tiili and controversial finnish visual artist Teemu Mäki act as dramaturges of the performance.

The performance is a demonstration of the full production, sceduled for premiere in summer 2011.
Other Information Direction and dramaturgy: Arja Tiili and Teemu Mäki
Videos: Teemu Mäki
Companies Arja Tiili Dance Company
United Snakes
Dancers Kanerva, Petri
Niemi, Kaisa
Tiili, Arja
Salo, Jani-Matti