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Choreographer Kekäläinen, Sanna
First Performance 22.2.2009
Place of First Performance Kiasma-theatre, Helsinki, Finland
Finnish premiere 22.2.2009
Place of Premiere Kiasma-theatre, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Lighting Designer Heikki Paasonen
Description "Happiness has to exist somewhere. Happiness is a place, a spot, a platform: a locus.
Happiness is a conceptual place. Sometimes it is also a tangible place which transforms, disappears and blends into the concept.
One wants to capture and confine Happiness, control it and hold on to it. One wants to border Happiness.
Happiness can be a language one speaks. Language has been compared to a city: to the maze of narrow alleys, squares and buildings from different eras that new suburbs surround with straight and regular streets.
A language, also a foreign language one speaks is a locus of Happiness. It is related to one's personal history the same way as objects are."

Other Information Choreographer's assistant: Lilja Lehmuskallio

Video artist: Sari Tervaniemi

Graphic designer: Oona Airas

Companies K&C Kekäläinen & Company
Dancers Kekäläinen, Sanna (2009)