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In period of time
picture77.jpg In the picture: Antti Lahti (front), Tarmo Karivirta
Photo: Hannele Romppanen


Choreographer Pahkinen, Virpi
First Performance 23.11.1999
Place of First Performance Turku City Theatre
Finnish premiere 23.11.1999
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Katarina Norling
Costume designer Virpi Pahkinen
Lighting Designer Marko Kallela
Description Uniooma takes random passangers through various visions or incidents far away to the archaic past - or to the mysterious future. The visual setting is dominated by the archetypes of the collective subconscious: the sphinx, the blue flower of the desert and the prophet.
Meditative presence and movement, cosmic sceneries and the skilful usage of versatile, contemporary music, that are also present in Uniooma, have become trademarks of choreographer Virpi Pahkinen's work. Uniooma is the first choreography by Pahkinen for a Finnish dance group.
Companies AB Dance Company
Dancers Raiskinmäki, Elina (1999)
Karivirta, Tarmo (1999)
Lahti, Antti (1999)
Poolamets, Urmas (1999)
Lahti, Laura (1999)
Romppanen, Helena (1999)