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Moondrunk (2000)

Choreographer Kekäläinen, Sanna
First Performance 7.10.2000
Place of First Performance Åbo Svenska Teatern, Turku
Finnish premiere 7.10.2000
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 100
Costume designer Catrine Kudinoff
Lighting Designer Esa Kyllönen
Music composed for the work Shoin Kanki
Description The Moondrunk is a piece of dance drama based on the vocal music composition by Arnold Schönberg called Pierrot Lunaire (1921). In its own time Pierrot Lunaire was unique; breaking all the conventional boundaries of a musical piece of work.
The Moondrunk goes through the night in the labyrinths of human mind, surging into various obsessions and passions. In the composition there meet the time of Pierrot Lunaire and the present time. Although the world seems to be totally changed, we can still see the actuality of the poem: What might be the essence of the Moondrunkness today?
Other Information The work had it's first premiere on October 27 1994.
Companies AB Dance Company
Dancers Raiskinmäki, Elina (2000)
Karivirta, Tarmo (2000)
Lahti, Antti (2000)
Poolamets, Urmas (2000)
Lahti, Laura (2000)
Romppanen, Helena (2000)