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picture81.jpg In the picture: Laura Pylkkänen
Photo: Erkki Lehmussaari
picture82.jpg In the picture: Helena Romppanen, Elina Raiskinmäki
Photo: Erkki Lehmussaari

Reality of Six Senses

Choreographer Lehmussaari, Raija
First Performance 16.8.2000
Place of First Performance Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku
Finnish premiere 16.8.2000
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Johanna Viitanen
Costume designer Johanna Viitanen
Lighting Designer Esa Kyllönen
Music composed for the work Eija Huhtala, Jarmo Korhonen: improvisaatioita
Description Reality of Six Senses is a contrasting dialogue between dance and music. It is based on the poetry of Arto Melleri, on his book called The Testimony Five Senses.
This poetical work of his has inspird a chain of mind associations and metaphores turned into movement. The motion opens some doors into the world of senses while closing others. It tries to sharpen and polish things and phenomena around us in order to make life more breathing.
The choice of music is an integral part of the atmosphere in this work of art. The pieces of music either support or argue with the motion; They can both start a dialogue and refuse to have a conversation.
Companies The AB Dance Company
Dancers Poolamets, Urmas (2000)
Raiskinmäki, Elina (2000)
Lahti, Antti (2000)
Karivirta, Tarmo (2000)
Lahti, Laura (2000)
Romppanen, Helena (2000)