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Choreographer Kvarnström, Kenneth
First Performance 7.6.1993
Place of First Performance Kuopio Dance Festival
Finnish premiere 7.6.1993
Place of Premiere Kuopio Dance Festival
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 20
Scenography Kenneth Kvarnström
Costume designer Kenneth Kvarnström
Lighting Designer Kenneth Kvarnström
Performers of the premiere Sampo Kivelä, Tero Saarinen, Ari Tenhula, Kenneth Kvarnström.
Description Rodrion Shchedrin's Carmen Suite is the base of this twenty-minutes long piece that is danced only by men. The work representes kitch in a concentrated form, but without the female Carmen.
Other Information The work was first perfomed in the Finnish National Ballet on January 26 1994, by Sampo Kivelä, Tuomo Railo/Ari Tenhula, Tero Saarinen and Pasi Sinisalo. The work was first perfomed in Helsinki City Theatre on January 18 1997, by Mattias Ekholm, Harri Kuorelahti, Kai Lähdesmäki, Unto Nuora and Ville Sormunen. The work is also in the repertory of the following companies: Royal Swedish Ballet, Carte Blanche (Norway), Stockholm 59° North.
Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Kivelä, Sampo (1993)
Kvarnström, Kenneth (1993)
Saarinen, Tero (1993)
Tenhula, Ari (1993)
Sinisalo, Pasi (1994)
Railo, Tuomo (1994)
Sormunen, Ville (1997)
Ekholm, Mattias (1997)
Lähdesmäki, Kai (1997)
Nuora, Unto (1997)
Kuorelahti, Harri (1997)