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In period of time
Photo: Sakari Viika


Choreographer Monni, Kirsi
First Performance 27.8.1996
Place of First Performance Stoa, The Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki
Finnish premiere 27.8.1996
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Marianna Uutinen
Costume designer Päivi Uusitalo
Lighting Designer Sirje Ruohtula
Sound designer Ismo Laakso
Performers of the premiere Juha Hietakangas, Timo Loponen, Kirsi Monni, Jussi Nousiainen, Mammu Rankanen, Nina Renvall, Chris af Enehielm (actress).
Music composed for the work Ismo Laakso
Other Information Photos, graphics: Sakari Viika; text: Kirsi Monni, based on two texts: Tuija Kokkonen, Ofelia and Heiner Müller, Hamletinkone; visual arts: Chris af Enehielm.
Ofelia was commisioned by Helsinki Festival. Production: Helsinki festival, Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki, Zodiak presents ry, Irmeli Kokko, Kirsi Monni.
Ofelia is the second of five choreographies beloning to Kirsi Monnis doctorial thesis.
Dancers Hietakangas, Juha (1996)
Loponen, Timo (1996)
Nousiainen, Jussi (1996)
Renvall, Nina (1996)
Monni, Kirsi (1996)
Rankanen, Mammu (1996)