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Joy Riot

Choreographer Palmgren, Sari
First Performance 7.10.2020
Place of First Performance Stoa, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 7.10.2020
Style Contemporary Dance
Costume designer Siru Kosonen
Lighting Designer Heikki Paasonen
Sound designer Joonas Pehrsson
Performers of the premiere Minna Karttunen, Oskari Turpeinen, Kaisa Niemi, Krista-Julia Arppo and Sari Palmgren
Music composed for the work Joonas Pehrsson
Description "Joy Riot is a dance piece that exudes energy, smoke, and hair. It moves on the axis between chaos and harmony, and poses the question: what creates joy of movement?

Joy Riot brings the joy of movement back to the stage. Sorrow and laughter exist side by side, rejoicing arises from darkness. It is not a representation or interpretation of existing riots, but rather an avalanche of movement and energy. This visually abundant piece fills the space and invites the audience to be part of the performance.

The audience is invited to move in the performance space and change perspective; to feel the performance up close or from a distance. Humans are dancing animals – Joy Riot sets the rebellion free.

The movement is influenced by the traditions of Chinese medicine, the use of energy in various martial art forms, and the dance techniques of Passing through and Flying low by David Zambrano, studied by choreographer Sari Palmgren. The working group has explored methods of preserving energy and joy in the various stages of creation.

Spectator feedback has been uplifting: many have described Joy Riot as the highlight of their year. It has even inspired the most critical spectators to dance (secretly) in the dark. The performance is suitable for all audiences (7 years and above).

Joy Riot was created in the framework of the three-year residency program Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland (2016–2019) between Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Damce Info Finland and West Kowloon Cultural District. Sari Palmgren worked with local artists in Finland and Hong Kong, in six residencies. This work was inspired by collaboration with dancer and choreographer Wayson Poon and costume designer Kay Wong."
Dancers Palmgren, Sari (2021)
Karttunen, Minna
Turpeinen, Oskari (2021)
Niemi, Kaisa (2021)
Arppo, Krista-Julia (2021)