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Choreographer Tuukkanen, Johanna
Yli-Maunula, Pirjo
First Performance 30.1.2015
Place of First Performance Oulu
Duration (min) 70
Scenography Heidi Kesti
Costume designer Heidi Kesti
Lighting Designer Ainu Palmu
Sound designer Anssi Laiho
Performers of the premiere Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Johanna Tuukkanen
Description Are we under constant control and scrutiny? Do the ads and pictures produced by media make us anxious about our body and appearance? These are some of the questions Panopticon is deliberating. The name Panopticon refers to a penitentiary of circular structure controlled from its centre.
Companies Flow Productions
Dancers Tuukkanen, Johanna
Yli-Maunula, Pirjo