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Choreographer Lindfors, Sonya
First Performance 29.11.2013
Place of First Performance Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 29.11.2013
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 75
Lighting Designer Erno Aaltonen
Sound designer Hannu Hauta-aho
Performers of the premiere Esete Sutinen, Deogracias Masomi, Ima Iduozee, Sonya Lindfors
Music composed for the work Hannu Hauta-aho
Description NOIR? is a dance piece about blackness, simultaneously dealing with the experience of being different and the relationship to one’s own roots from the viewpoint of four black Finnish artists.
In the piece the only African-Finnish dance artists of the Helsinki art-dance scene, Sonya Lindfors, Esete Sutinen, Ima Iduozee and actor/rap-artist Gracias come together to deal with the themes of identity and background as humans, Finns and artists through their versatile backround in dance, theater and hiphop.
NOIR? is a political piece both for its theme and its performers. The subject matter is a tangibly current one at this very moment, as a new generation of young Finns with a multicultural background is growing up. The piece is personal, yet global. It is the counter-strike of art to intolerance, hate-speech and the rise of populism and racism.
Other Information Consept: Sonya Lindfors
Choreography: Sonya Lindfors, team
Costume consultation: Sanna Levo
Photos: Uupi Tirronen
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Sonya Lindfors
Dancers Sutinen, Esete (2013)
Lindfors, Sonya (2013)
Iduozee, Ima (2013)
Masomi, Deogracias (2013)