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Choreographer Duato, Nacho
First Performance 21.11.1991
Place of First Performance AT&T Danstheater, The Hague, Netherlands
Finnish premiere 16.5.1997
Place of Premiere Finnish National Opera
Style Contemporary Dance
Scenography Walter Nobbe
Costume designer Susan Unger
Lighting Designer Nicolás Fischtel
Description Duato's 'ideas' for a choreography are almost always preceded by his choice in music. This applies to Duende in particular, because the music was the only source of inspiration for this ballet. Long ago Duato fell in love with Debussy, especially by the way the composer makes nature sound in music. When he listens to this music, Duato visualises shapes, not people, relationships or events. This is why he considers Duende as an almost sculptural work: a body, a movement, that goes with the tune.

Other Information Choreographer's assistants: Tony Fabre, Jennifer Grissette; senior repetiteur: Tarja Ranta.
Musicians: flute: Anja Voipio, viola: Matti Hirvikangas, harp: Anni Kuusimäki, Riitta Paavola.
The work was part of a dance evening called "Modern choreographers", which consisted the works Duende, Le Spectre de la rose and Fire Bird.
Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Kivelä, Sampo (1997)
Campbell, Alexandra (1997)
Frank, Katja (1997)
Guardia, Francis (1997)
Kononen, Anandah (1997)
Sistonen, Anu (1997)
Vironmäki, Susanna (1997)
Fanari, Hugo (1997)
Jääskeläinen, Asla (1997)
Kononen, Valeri (1997)
Lundqvist, Jonas (1997)
Morino, Alberto (1997)