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In period of time
Photo: Niko Nurmi

The Green Armchair

Choreographer Kekoni, Petri
First Performance 4.4.2002
Place of First Performance Pannuhalli, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 4.4.2002
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 48
Scenography Petri Kekoni, Mimmi Resman
Costume designer Mimmi Resman
Lighting Designer Ilkka Paloniemi
Sound designer Timo Muurinen
Music composed for the work Olli Koskelin
Description The Green Armchair is a dance work about the thoughness of rest - of the difficulty of permitting it. A kind of manifest against unnecessary movement, for waiting. The work explores the borderline between stillness and movement. What is the movement of immobility? - a falling thought.
The Green Armchair is a metaphor of waiting - a wait filled with the utmost tension, ready to explode, contrasted by orgiastic eruptions. The occasional immobility of the piece is not what it appears; it is not a state devoid of events or thoughts. The relaxation of the muscles gives space to thinking. An aesthetic if idleness is born.
The Green Armchair contemplates time: The act of sitting down equals letting go of time, an exhalation. When is the moment to move forward? The answer will come in the green armchair, at the last moment.
Other Information Cello: Timo-Veikko Valve.
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Tuovinen, Paula (2002)
Knif, Carl (2002)
Raekallio, Valtteri (2002)
Hiekkaranta, Anne (2002)