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Choreographer Tenhula, Ari
First Performance 27.7.1999
Place of First Performance Full Moon Dance festival, Pyhäjärvi
Finnish premiere 27.7.1999
Style Contemporary Dance
Scenography Tarja Ervasti
Costume designer Marja Uusitalo
Lighting Designer Tarja Ervasti
Description Smile is a road movie involving four clowns. It tells of the beauty of meandering. Behind the theatrical detours of entertainment and the "plastic" corporeal situations can be discerned the mental structures of survival in society.
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Rankanen, Mammu (1999)
Marja-aho, Janne (1999)
Lakso, Sari (1999)
Räsänen, Riikka (1999)