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Susanna Leinonen Company

Artistic director Susanna Leinonen
Address Bulevardi 23–27, FI-00180 Helsinki
Telephone +358 (0)45 1380 336
WWW pages http://www.susannaleinonen.com/
Email susanna(at)susannaleinonen.com
Style Contemporary Dance
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Choreographer-dancer Susanna Leinonen is one of the most internationally acclaimed Finnish choreographers who has also created works for major dance companies and ballet houses e.g., Finnish National Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet and Skånes Dansteater. Her first choreography, No One, Just Your Friend, gained international attention already in 2000. Since then Leinonen has created new works annually. Critics have described Susanna Leinonen's pieces as comprehensive works of art consisting of original movement language, perfected visuality and music specifically composed for the choreographies. Susanna Leinonen has been granted the Finland Award by the Finnish Ministry Of Culture and Education and in 2010 Susanna Leinonen Company was officially appointed as one of the Key Projects of Finnish Cultural Export. Susanna Leinonen Company is available for touring with several works in 2011–2013.
Other Information Representation in Spain by Proversus: Ms Isis Abellán, www.proversus.com
Performances Grain (Leinonen) (30.5.2008)
Fragile | Entity (22.11.2008)
And the Line Begins to Blur (1.10.2009)
Blinded Mind (1.4.2011)
Touch of Gravity (21.8.2014)
Dreams of Replay (6.9.2017)
Nasty (7.9.2018)
TOXIC (30.10.2020)
BODY (26.11.2021)