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picture339.jpg La Kalevala
Photo: Mikko Marjakangas

Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin

Artistic director Kaari Martin ja Roni Martin
Contact person Artistic directors Kaari and Roni Martin
Address Bulevardi 23–27, FI-00180 Helsinki
Telephone +358 (0)50 5630 144
WWW pages http://www.compania.fi
Email kaari@compania.fi
Year founded 2002
Funding Freelance dance company
Other Style Flamenco
Artistic staff (number of) 5
Managerial staff (number of) 1
Technical staff (number of) 4
Production based ensemble Yes
Description Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin (until 2013 Compañía Kaari Martin) is an independent dance group founded in 2002. The primary aim of the group is to incorporate flamenco and its Nordic dimension into the field of international contemporary art and make it internationally known to very different audiences. The group has a wide repertoire covering dramatised flamenco theatre, children's pieces, abstract choreographies and improvisational performances. It produces at least one big premiere per year and runs its own festival of contemporary flamenco, Flamingo.
The company was the first foreign dance company to win an award in the highly acclaimed Choreography Competition of Madrid with the piece Tell me Rain (2006). The company was also awarded in the same competition in 2012 with three prizes. The work 'The Raven and The Timepiece' received first prize in the categories Best Solo Choreography, Best Composition for Dance and Best Costume Design for Dance.
Engagements Martin, Kaari: artistic director (2002 - )
Performances ¡Water! (10.11.2000)
The Portrait of a Flamenco Dancer (10.11.2000)
Bernarda Alban talo (2.11.2001)
La Kalevala (28.2.2003)
Kaksi tapaa rakkaudesta (12.11.2003)
Carta de amor (2004)
From the World (23.8.2004)
Shockheaded Peter (Martin) (1.9.2004)
Tell me Rain (16.2.2006)
Two Dreams in One (26.1.2007)
Olé Piazzolla! (17.3.2008)
Pippi Longstockings (Martin) (23.8.2009)
The Raven and The Timepiece (1.12.2010)
On a string (1.12.2010)
The Chain (28.11.2012)
Olé Piazzolla 2 (6.12.2012)
Esityssarja 12 OSA 11 (21.12.2012)
Concierto para los vientos (17.7.2013)
Two dreams in One revisited (29.11.2013)
La femme rouge (23.3.2014)
Choreographies of classical Spanish composers' works (14.8.2014)
Choreographies for accordeon and double bass (18.12.2014)
Two-headed horse (2015)
KILL Carmen (2015)
Flamenco Bitch (12.2.2016)
Tulkinta Ralf Gothónin sävellyksestä Trio Peregrina (15.2.2018)
Tulkinta Isaac Albenizin teoksesta Asturias (16.2.2018)
Tulkinta Manuel de Fallan teoksesta Danza del Molinero (16.2.2018)
Tulkinta Manuel de Fallan teoksesta Homenaje a Debussy (16.2.2018)
Tulkinta Ramón Paúsin teoksesta Madera Ocaso (17.2.2018)
Tulkinta Astor Piazzolan teoksesta Histoire du Tango (18.2.2018)
Anna Karenina (Chamorro, Collado, Martin, Uotinen) (22.3.2018)
Lasiset sanat (18.10.2018)
Viskningar och rop / Huutoja ja kuiskauksia (11.12.2018)
Claude Debussy: Syrinx (26.1.2019)
Erkki Melartin: Canto Religioso, Manuel de Falla: Suite Populaire Espagnole (26.1.2019)
Joaquin Rodrigo: Invocación y Danza (5.6.2019)
Astor Piazzola: Gran Tango (6.6.2019)
Letters from an Island (22.8.2021)
Bacteria (27.8.2021)
Bergman-Cries and whispers (3.12.2021)