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MA Dancers

Contact person Kati Kallio and Hanna Pajala-Assefa
Address Bulevardi 23-27FIN-00180 Helsinki
Telephone +358 (0)50 5421 210
WWW pages http://www.madtanssimaisterit.fi
Email info@madtanssimaisterit.fi, kati.kallio@madtanssimaisterit.fi, hanna.pajala@madtanssimaisterit.fi
Year founded 1995
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Production based ensemble Yes
Description MA Dancers was founded in 1995 to promote the artistic ambitions of the graduates of the Theatre Academy of Finland’s Department of Dance. The group produces performances of contemporary dance in cooperation with other Finnish professional dance groups and festivals, e.g. with Zodiak – the Center for New Dance and Full Moon Dance Festival. This dance group also annually commissions a piece of choreography from a previously agreed foreign choreographer.
Performances Night Prayers (30.11.1995)
Yks, kaks, free, 4, life (30.11.1995)
Suojautunut (8.5.1997)
Triankeli (Malviniemi) (9.5.1997)
Vaahtoklubi (13.11.1997)
Greetings from Pompei (8.12.1999)
Icon (21.3.2000)
Ruusutarhaajat (26.4.2000)
Persephassa (29.7.2000)
Rebonds (29.7.2000)
Karaistus (27.10.2000)
The Contact (Pajala-Assefa) (10.4.2001)
sense (24.7.2001)
Greenland (18.4.2002)
Poor Reality (31.7.2002)
Flowers - Flower Arrangement (1.8.2002)
Riikinakka (26.11.2002)
Ahneet (7.12.2002)
Jäitä lihassa (9.5.2003)
Black (Pajala) (24.5.2003)
Red (Pajala) (24.5.2003)
White (Pajala-Assefa) (24.5.2003)
Vulgar favors / Love turtle (2.8.2003)
The fallen ones (20.2.2004)
Mutax (16.4.2004)
Sine (7.10.2005)
Showing (15.7.2007)