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Tihtonen, Armi

Profession Dancer
Country Finland
Email armi.tihtonen(at)gmail.com
Training Ballet School of The Finnish National Opera 1978 – 1982, Ballet and Gymnastics School of Hämeenlinna 1972 – 1978.
Courses: e.g. Dresden 1982, Paris 1985, 1986, Thonon les Bains 1990, Vienna 1994.
Engagements Finnish National Ballet: dancer (1982 - 1989)
Helsinki Dance Company: dancer (1990 - 1991)
Finnish National Ballet: dancer (1991 - )
Work as a dancer The Seven Brothers (1985)
Napoli (Bournonville/Ralov) (1986)
Täysikuu (Puurtinen) (1986)
Victim (Uotinen) (1986)
The Four Temperaments: Melancholic, Phlegmatic (1987)
Etudes: Les Shylphides (1989)
The Sleeping Beauty (Uotinen): Jade, the good fairy (1990)
1991 (1991)
Maa: the girl bathing in the ashes (1991)
A Faun (Uotinen): Nymph (1992)
Stelle (1992)
Barbarously Yours (1993)
The Cable (1993)
Glass sonata: Black bird (1994)
Queens of Golub (1995)
Don Quixote (Bart-Petipa): Gipsy woman (1996)
Swan Lake (Bourmeister): Spanish dance (1998)
Medallion (1998)
Evangelicum (1999)
The Nutcracker (Nurejev): Spanish dance (1999)
Romeo and Juliet (Cranko): Companion of Tybalt (1999)
Don Quixote (Bart-Petipa) (2001)
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (van Schayk/Eagling): Mrs Rautanen (2003)
Romeo and Juliet (Cranko) (2003)
Anna Karenina: Countess Vronskaja (2005)
Tshaikovski: Tchaikovsky's mother (2005)
Corps de ballet roles Giselle: wilis, 1981; Don Quixote (Trinchero): Dulcinea's vision, 1983; La Fille mal Gardée: 12 girls, 1982; The Midsummer Night's Dream (Veredon): wedding, fairies, 1985; Nutcrakcer (Grigorovitsh): waltz of the snowflakes, waltz of the flowers, 1985, parents, boys, 1988; Satu 1985, La Bayadere III Act 1987; Lady of the Camellias: courtisan, 1988; Loviisa 1987, Carmina Burana: women and maidens, 1987;
Evening at the Alexander's Theatre; As You Like It (Neumeier): nature, 1992; Giselle: wilis, waltz, 1992, peasant dance, 1993; Swan Lake (Bourmeister): waltz, swans, 1993, mazurka, 1994; Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 1994, The Rite of Spring: tall women in mauve, II Act, 1994; The Saga of King Arthur: Ladies-in-Waiting, 1995; Don Quixote (Bart-Petipa): The dryads, Fandango, 1995, The street dancers, gupsy woman, Fandango, 2001; Romeo an Juliet (Cranko): bridesmaids, 1996, guests at the carnival, 1999: Las Noces: girls, 1996; The Nutcracker (Nurejev): waltz of the snowflakes, waltz of the flowers, 1998; The Sleeping Beauty (Nurejev): waltz, sarabande, 1999;
Cinderella (Stevenson): waltz, 2001; La Bayadere (Makarova-Petipa): waltz, shades, candle dancers, 2002; Nutcracker and Mouse King: mothers, snow flakes, Arabian dance, 2002, russian dance, 2003; Giselle (Guillem): laundresses, the Wilis, 2003; Raymonda (Holmes-Petipa): Dream Vision, hungarian dance, 2003; The Swan Lake (van Dantzig): peasants, swans, hungarian dance, 2004; Onegin: three old women, polonaise, 2005.
Other artistic work Other work as a dancer: Savonlinna Opera Festival 1986 - 1988
Work as a dancer in tv recordigs: Don Quixote, chor. Patrice Bart, The Finnish National Ballet 1998; Swan Lake, The Finnish National Ballet 1993; Evangelicum, chor. Jorma Uotinen, The Finnish National Ballet; Gala of The Finnish National Ballet – Morro, chor. Jorma Uotinen, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2, chor. Geroge Balanchine, 1993; The Blue Pearl, chor. Maj-Lis Rajala, The Finnish National Opera Ballet School 1981.
Work as a dancer in films: Moments, dir. Joe Davidow, 1991; Discipline, dir. Kristiina Schulgin.
Grants and awards Grants: The Cultural and Library Committee of Helsinki 1985.
Awards: Philip Morris Dance Bud award 1994.