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The Man Who Never Was

Choreographer Uotinen, Jorma
First Performance 6.10.1998
Place of First Performance The Finnish National Opera, Alminsali
Finnish premiere 6.10.1998
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Jorma Uotinen
Costume designer Jorma Uotinen
Lighting Designer Mikki Kunttu
Music composed for the work Joe Davidow
Description "Portuguese poet and author Fernanado Pessoa (1888-1935)lived an extraordinary life, having three alternate personalities with minds of their own: Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis and Alvaro Campos. The unique and tragic, but in certain ways humorous, fate of Pessoa the poet inspired Jorma Uotinen to create this production, a combination of dance, music and film" (from program).
Other Information Video realization: Joe Davidow.
Visual material from the film Mies, jota ei koskaan ollut...(The Man Who Never Was, Kinoproduction Oy, director Joe Davidow, 1997).
"The short film entitled The Man Who Never Was by Joe Davidow, Pentti Kakkori and Jorma Uotinen was released by Kinoproduction Oy in 1997. It received the prize for best visual effects at the Internaltional Widescreen Festival - Le Nombre d'Or in Amsterdam in 1997. It also won the Prix Italia for Performing Arts in September 1998" (from program).
Companies Finnish National Ballet
Dancers Uotinen, Jorma (1998)