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Choreographer Järvenpää, Jouni
First Performance 24.5.2013
Place of First Performance Kutomo, Turku
Finnish premiere 24.5.2013
Place of Premiere Kutomo, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Performers of the premiere Tashi Iwaoka
Music composed for the work Anssi Laiho
Description Kiotoko? is a solo dance performance, where hunches, omens and unpredictability take turns in acting as the dance partner. Over the urban and abstract action hangs a dark cloud of religion, and late relatives reach from their corners towards the here and now. Reason and morals challenge fear and lust in a free wrestling match. In one person comes true not only his own life, but also the lives of countless others. What can be chosen, what comes incidentally, and what is unavoidable?
Other Information Production: Ehkä-production, Näytelmäryhmä
Supported by: Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland

Kiotoko? is the third part of choreographer Jouni Järvenpää’s Japan trilogy. The earlier parts are Tokio206-0812 (2008) and Osaka (2012).
Companies Ehkä-production