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Trash Talk

Choreographer Hyvönen, Mikko
Ardal Rosengren, Salka
First Performance 2010
Finnish premiere 28.2.2012
Place of Premiere Pannu Hall, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Performers of the premiere Mikko Hyvönen, Salka Ardal Rosengren
Description Trash Talk is a meditation on the vulnerability associated with a live performance. It teeters between fiction and reality, rendering it impossible to tell which scenes are planned and which are enacted spontaneously on the spur of the moment. Using a minimal arsenal of props, Mikko Hyvönen and Salka Ardal Rosengren deconstruct some of the rules and conventions of live performances. The unpredictable relationship between the audience and performance electrifies the piece, adding a sense of danger and excitement.
Other Information Artistic advice: Mette Ingvartsen
The work was performed as a part of a double-bill which consisted of the works Light as a Feather, Green as an Apple and Trash Talk.
Production: PARTS (Bryssel), MDT Stockholm, Mikko Hyvönen, Salka Ardal Rosengren
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Hyvönen, Mikko (2010)
Ardal Rosengren, Salka (2010)