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In period of time

Triangel - yksintansseja vanhenemisesta, ilosta ja jäähyväisistä

Choreographer Lehikoinen, Kai
Hoisko, Maija
Raatikainen, Arja
Raatikainen, Arja
First Performance 24.4.2010
Place of First Performance Tehdas Teatteri, Turku
Finnish premiere 24.4.2010
Place of Premiere Tehdas Teatteri, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Costume designer Ulla lehtoranta ja työryhmä
Lighting Designer Antti Helminen
Sound designer Mikko Väärälä
Performers of the premiere Satu Tuittila
Other music David Bowie: The Angels Have Gone; Shigeru Umenayashi: Yumeji's Theme; Alberto Iglesias: Alisia Vive.
Mikko Väärälä, Lau Nau: Maapähkinäpuu, Erik Satie: Je te Veux.
J.S. Bach: Goldberg-muunnelmat: nr.19, Jean Sibelius: Valse Triste op.44, Wojciech Kilar: The portrait of a Lady: End credits.
Description Solo Dances on Aging, Joy and Farewell. Triangel is about a female dancer and the concepts of aging, joy and farewell. Three choreographers approach these themes, each one from her/his personal perspective. The three solos that Tuittila outstandingly interprets render her as a multifaceted performer. Lehikoinen’s “Quotations and Printed Images” draws from a collection of lived experiences that establish dialogues with Winnie the Pooh, the feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir and others. Hoisko’s “Lulla” is a close-fitted physical study on rocking highlighted with absurd humour. In Raatikainen’s “Hidden Image”, the dancer roams inbetween different characters, states and emotional landscapes including nostalgia and humour.
Dancers Tuittila, Satu