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Photo: Arto Jalonen

Cheremeteff, Desirée

Date of birth 11.5.1967
Profession Dancer
Dance Instructor
Country Finland
Email desiree.cheremeteff@rokki.net
Training Demonstration of proficiency, accepted by the Union of Finnish Dance Artists 1985; Teaching demostration, accepted by the Union of Finnish Dance Pedagogues 1988.
In Finland - Kuopio Dance Festival 1974 onwards, Tampere Summer University 1982 onwards, The Union of Finnish Dance Artists and The Union of Finnish Dance Pedagogues 1984 onwards. In addition several courses in the didactics of classical ballet, organized by e.g. the Union of Finnish Dance Pedagogues, Tampere Ballet Institute and The Finnish National Opera Ballet School;
Abroad – e.g. The Joffrey Ballet School, New York; The David Howard Dance Center, New York; The Jazz Dance World Congress, Chicago 1992, 1997, 2000; The Banff Center, Kanada; The Calgary Russian Ballet School; The Free House Dance Studio, Calgary; Bern Stadt Teater, Zürich Opera House, Switzerland; Cologne Dance Centre; Tanzhaus, Cologne; The Dance Centre, London; The Pineapple Studios, London; Balettakademien, Stockholm.
Other artistic work Work as a choreographer:
Dance Theatre Ballet Desire - Pierrot ja kuun salaisuudet 1988, Työ ja vapaus 1989, Ystävä polkka (part of the Sibelius Suite) 1990, Mozzarella 1994, Shamoney 1995 (in co-operation with Shamoney Orchestra), Cinderella 1995 (in co-operation with Tampere Ballet), Gala Evening (Ballet Desire's 10th Anniversary ) 1997, Diverstissements III and IV 1997, Divertissements V and VI 1999, Rondo 1999, Talviaamuna 2000, Divertissements VII 2000, La Boutique Fantastique 2001, Morsiamen hyväksijättö 2001, Divertissements VIII 2001, Gala Day (Ballet Desire's 15th Anniversary) 2002, Lahjalistan arvoitus 2003;
Tampere Ballet Institute Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff – choreographies for the students receiving basic education in dance 1994 onwards, e.g. Jouluaamuna 2000, La Boutique Fantastique 2000, Joulukalenteri 2001, Gala Day (Tampere Ballet Institute 30th Anniversary) 2002, Fantasia 2002!, Joulukalenteri II 2002, Fantasia 2003!, Lahjalistan arvoitus 2003;
Pippi Långstockings (musical), Child and Youth Theatre Biibi, Tampere Theatre, 1996.

Work as a dancer:
Synttärit 1981, Liikkeiden leikkiä 1982, Ahdistus 1983, Mademoiselle Angot 1984, Kultainen lintu 1984;
Dance Theatre Ballet Desire – Pessi and Illuusia, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1985 (roles: Knight of the highway, Seashell); Miksi tanssin, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1987; Kuiskaava himo ja valoa päin, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1988; Cinderella, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1988 (role: Cinderella); Still loving you, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1988; Divertissements I, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1988 (parts: Fiery Bird, Carmen Suite, Kitri's variation from the ballet Don Quijote, Winter's solo from the ballet Cinderella, Star Light Waltz from the ballet Cinderella; Love , Prayer , Ave Maria, Jazz part); Paljain jaloin balettiin, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff, Desirée Cheremeteff 1990; The Sleeping Beauty, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1990; Sibelius Suite, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff, Desirée Cheremeteff, Helena Merta 1990; Divertissements II, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff, Desirée Cheremeteff, Helena Merta 1990; Odotus, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1992; Hansel and Gretel, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1992 (role: The Witch); The Nutcracker, chor. Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff 1993.

Work as a teacher: Tampere Ballet Institute Birgitta Kiviniemi-Cheremeteff, director of training 1993 onwards, principal 1996 onwards.

Founding member and artistic director of Dance Theatre Ballet Desire 1987 onwards.
Other Information Position of trust: secretary of the support association of Tampereen Lapsibaletti 1990 – 1995, chairman 1996 onwards; chairman of the support association of Tampere Ballet 1996 – 1999, vice chairman 2000 onwards; vice auditor of The Union of Finnish Dance Schools 2002 onwards, vice member of the board 2003 onwards.
Other education: courses in dance and sports medicine 1986 onwards, e.g. in Kuopio and at the UKK Institute in Tampere.