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In period of time

The End

Choreographer Järvenpää, Jouni
Raumanni, Maija Reeta
First Performance 28.10.2017
Place of First Performance Contemporary Art Space, Turku
Finnish premiere 28.10.2017
Place of Premiere Contemporary Art Space, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 55
Lighting Designer Antti Helminen
Sound designer Anssi Laiho
Performers of the premiere Jouni Järvenpää, Maija Reeta Raumanni
Description "Welcome to see the end; at the same time the first and the final performance; invisible beginnings and a collection of ends; a performance that does not exist. Be part of our end. We already wait for the bows and applause and sparkling wine, once it is all over.”

The End is an abstract dance – space and time for freely associable actions composed from the viewpoints of an end, ending, and termination.
Other Information The End is the third and final part in a performance series searching for the abstract in dance by Jouni Järvenpää and Maija Reeta Raumanni. The performance premiered at the contemporary art space Kutomo in Turku in October 2017. The previous parts of the series are Arrangements of Ruins and Visions (2013) and The White Whale (2015).
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers Järvenpää, Jouni (2017)
Raumanni, Maija Reeta (2017)