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Choreographer Perko, Ninni
First Performance 27.9.2016
Place of First Performance Teatr Witkacego, Zakopane, Puola
Finnish premiere 28.10.2016
Place of Premiere Theatre House Universum, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Other Style Physical Theatre, dance theatre, contemporary theatre
Duration (min) 90
Scenography Työryhmä
Costume designer Työryhmä
Lighting Designer Roy Boswell
Sound designer Roy Boswell
Performers of the premiere Dancers: Kati Kallio, Ninni Perko
Other performers: Mika Piispa, Minerva Kautto, Maija Rissanen, Marko Järvikallas, Otso Kautto, Roy Boswell
Music composed for the work Roy Boswell
Other music My Way (Instrumental) (comp. Anka-Francois-Revaux-Thibault) Alice Coltrane - Jai Ramachandra (Album: Turiya Sings,Label: Avatar Book Institute, 1982) Andrew Bernstein - Thought Forms III (Album: Cult Appeal, Label: Hausu Mountain, 2015) Nidia Minaj - Limite (Album Danger, Label: Prinicipe, 2015)
Description Quo Vadis presents together with Sivuun Ensemble a fresco of movement, poetry, theatre, music, images and messages. Temptation is inspired by the work of Witkiewicz. Temptation brings to the stage 8 ghosts trying to communicate and connect with the living ones. Using four barricades the ghosts build spaces and create frontiers, the light and sound is made from the stage. The magic of scene makes ghosts visible for the living ones, and the traces of life and the traces of the life that never happened can be shared.
Other Information Manuscript: Marko Järvikallas, Otso Kautto
Direction: Otso Kautto
Visualisation: workgroup
Production: Theatre Quo Vadis, Dance Theatre Sivuun Ensemble, Teatr Witkacego
Companies Sivuun Ensemble
Dancers Perko, Ninni (2016)
Kallio, Kati (2016)