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Choreographer Risu, Liisa
First Performance 7.3.2015
Style Contemporary Dance
Other Style Performance art
Duration (min) 50
Costume designer Pauliina Sutinen
Lighting Designer Riku Virtanen
Sound designer Viljami Lehtonen
Performers of the premiere Janne Aspvik, Tanja Illukka, Justus Pienmunne, Pietari Kärki
Description This choreographic version of Thumbelina explores Andersen’s tale from a contemporary point of view, stepping aside traditional theatrical logics of over-dramatization and spectacular tempo but instead engaging with the idea of nature from alternative dynamics, processing of time and openness of senses-experience.

This Thumbelina, who escapes from 19th century anthropocentric authoritarian and edifying story-patterns, is intended to be activated through a non-moralist horizontal discovery and experience of the «otherness», which is the non-hierarchical richness of what we call biodiversity.

Our Thumbelina invites therefore all age kids to enter a theatre-greenhouse where Thumbelina (which is also everyone of them) is displayed as an open-space for open interpretation which tells joyfully about « nature » with some contemporary kinetics, real plants, recorded wind, home-made bunraku, electro-techno bodies and manga forces.
Other Information Dramaturgy: Vincent Gainza
Companies Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth
Dancers Aspvik, Janne (2015)
Pienmunne, Justus (2015)
Kärki, Pietari (2015)