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Photo: Aki Ronkala


Choreographer Nevanlinna, Vera
First Performance 3.4.2002
Place of First Performance Tavastia Club, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 3.4.2002
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 23
Costume designer Maria Duncker, Vera Nevanlinna
Lighting Designer Tommi Paalanen
Music composed for the work Antto Melasniemi, Mikko Viljakainen: Tammikuu (January), es./per. Sumuisten Vuorten Gorillat
Description V is a contemporary dance solo made in a rock'n'roll way that was born in the basements. The movements vary from aggressive and desperate stuggling into nice and sensitive dancing. The piece i set but there is space for a possibility to improvise. the peice lives in the moment and it is not too restrained by tight rules or limitations.
The band Sumuisten Vuorten Gorillat plays their song January, which is blue, moody and rough. It is a "modern", partly sang piece.
Other Information Sumuisten Vuorten Gorillat: guitar, synthesizer: Mikko Viljakainen, guitar: Janne Westerlund, bass: Tuomo Puranen, tenor saxophone: Pentti Luomakangas, drums: Pasi Paksuniemi, Juho Viljanen.
Dancers Nevanlinna, Vera (2002)