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Hänninen, Maija

Profession Dancer
Dance Instructor
Country Finland
Training Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera 1963 – 1970, Vaganova Institute, Leningrad 1976 – 1977 (with Natalia Dudinskaya); Education Programme for Dance Répétiteurs (40 credits), Theatre Academy of Finland, Further Education Centre 1996 – 1997; Dance pedagogue's studies in vocational pedagogy, Jyväskylä Polytechnic (35 credits) 2000 – 2002; MA in Dance, Theatre Academy of Finland, Department of Dance 2003.
Courses: London 1971, 1978; Cologne 1972, Oslo 1974, Geneve 1975, Paris 1982, 2002; Amsterdam 1992.
Engagements Finnish National Ballet: dancer (1971 - 1996)
Choreographed Niille, joiden aika on tullut (2003)
Work as a dancer The Saga of King Arthur: Ygerne (1995)
Aspekteja (1975)
The Fountain of Bakhchisaray: soloist prisoner (1972)
La Bayadere Act III: II variation (1987)
La Bayadere Act III: III variation (1987)
Ballet Anatomy: legs (1971)
Ballet Sports (1975)
Barbarously Yours (1993)
The House of Bernarda Alba: Daughter (1980)
Bolero (1984)
Boleros (1995)
Carmen (Alonso): Fate (1980)
Carmina Burana (Vamos): Young woman (1987)
Coppelia (Martinez): praying woman (1974)
Coppelia (Martinez): Mazurkka (1974)
Coppelia (Saint-Leon): Prayer (1974)
D.C. (1989)
Divertimento No. 15: VI variation (1991)
Don Quixote (Bart-Petipa): Gipsy woman (1995)
Don Quixote (Trinchero) (1983)
A Faun (Uotinen): Nymph (1991)
Gajaneh: Nune (1975)
Gajaneh: Gajaneh, Armenian girl (1978)
Giselle (Coralli-Perrot-Petipa, Pavlova): Myrtha, the queen of wilis (1990)
Giselle (Lavrovski): 2 wilis (1981)
The Cage (Sylvestersson 1984) (1975)
Hän, José ja minä (1996)
Reflections: Kullervo's mother (1985)
La Fille Mal Gardée (Spoerli): 4 pairs (1988)
Swan Lake (Bourmeister): Three swans (1993)
Swan Lake (Bourmeister): Spanish dance (1993)
The Swan Lake (Ivanov, Gorski, Messerer): little swans (1976)
The Swan Lake (Ivanov, Gorski, Messerer): four swans (1976)
The Swan Lake (Ivanov, Gorski, Messerer): Two swans (1980)
The Swan Lake (Ivanov, Gorski, Messerer) (1973)
The Swan Lake (Ivanov, Gorski, Messerer): Spanish dance (1980)
The Cable (1993)
Kahdeksan jokea (1997)
Kain and Abel: Dream (1983)
Lady of the Camellias (1988)
Mirage: Woman (1982)
The Midsummer Night's Dream (1985)
The Midsummer Night's Dream (1985)
The Rite of Spring (Nijinsky): 300-year-old woman (1994)
As You Like It (1992)
La Belle Vie: The Mother (1991)
Les Noces (Robbins): Mother of the groom (1989)
Loviisa (1987)
Maa (1991)
Melody Gluck (1975)
The Tempest (1974)
Napoli (Bournonville/Ralov) (1989)
The Four Temperaments: Theme II (1987)
Four Last Songs (1992)
Niille, joiden aika on tullut (2003)
Nijinsky - jumalan tanssija (Vanhakartano) (1990)
No man's land (2000)
Oh, Matse (1998)
The Nutcracker (Carter): Mrs Spatz (1971)
The Nutcracker (Grigorovitsh) (1985)
The Nutcracker (Grigorovitsh): Oriental doll (1985)
The Nutcracker (Nurejev): Russian dance (1994)
The Nutcracker (Nurejev): Spanish dance (1994)
Petrushka (Sylvestersson): The Ballerina (1978)
The Little Prince (Sylvestersson): Fox (1982)
The Symphony of Psalms (1987)
Raportti: Storytellers (1978)
Stairset: Sextuplets (1989)
Raymonda (Sylvestersson): Hungarian dance (1974)
Raymonda (Sylvestersson) (1974)
Ronia, the Robber's Daughter (Kuusela) (1989)
Rubies (1993)
Salome (1990)
The Seven Brothers (1992)
The Seven Brothers (1980)
Symphony (Sylvestersson) (1980)
Spartacus (Dadiskiliani): Three nymph pairs (1979)
Spartacus (Dadiskiliani) (1974)
Spirit Blues (1989)
Stelle (1992)
The Wolf's Bride (Sylvestersson) (1981)
Sumua (1978)
Tabula Rasa (1995)
Till Eulenspiegel (1977)
Cinderella (Kuusela): Stepmother (1994)
Cinderella (Sylvestersson): Spring (1978)
Cinderella (Sylvestersson): Spanish dance (1978)
Cinderella (Sylvestersson): Pas de trois (1978)
The Swan of Tuonela (from the ballet Lemminkäinen) (1988)
Victim (Uotinen) (1986)
The Elective Affinities (1985)
Transfigured Night: Fair couple (1989)
The Green Table: Woman (1982)
Passage of Power (1987)
Vuodenajat (Glazunov): Hails (1972)
Tide (1981)
Corps de ballet roles The Finnish National Ballet -
Giselle: wilis, the waltz, 1970; Etudes: the black girls, tendu group, 1970; Romeo and Juliet: girlfriends, buffoon, 1970; Fantasma: people of the castle, 1971; Con Amore: soldier 1971; Paquita 1971, The Nutcraker: waltz of the flowers, Mrs. Spatz, 1971; The Fountain of Bakhchisaray: the dance of the favourite wives' female prisoners, 1972; The Swanlake: swans, Danse Napolitaine, brides, 1972; Spartacus: Nymph, mourner, 1972; Le Foyer de la Danse: girls, 1972; The Four Seasons: Westerly wind, Spring, Autumn, 1972; Contacts 1972, Beatrice 1972, Kiusaukset: Pikkupiru-Lepakko, 1973; Othello: girlfriends, 1973; Scaramouche: guests, 1974; Psykhe 1974, Coppelia: girls, Dance of the Hours, 1974; Together Alone 1975, Gajaneh: pink girls, 1977; Romeo and Juliet: Julia's girlfriends, 1979; Giselle: girlfriends, the waltz, 1981; The Midsummer Night's Dream: a fairy, 1985.
Other artistic work Work as a dancer in operas and operettas:
Boccacio, The Finnish National Opera 1972; Der Zigeunerbaron (The Gipsy Baron), The Finnish National Opera 1972; Wienerblut (Vienna Blood), The Finnish National Opera 1975; Faust, The Finnish National Opera 1976; Romeo and Juliet (role: washer woman), Savonlinna Opera Festival 1991, 1992; Aida (soloist temple dancer), Savonlinna Opera Festival 1991, 1992; The Bartered Bride, Savonlinna Opera Festival 1991.
Work as a dancer in tv:
Gajaneh (role: Gajaneh), The Finnish National Ballet, live tv-recording 1978; Okon Fuoko, chor. Heikki Värtsi, The Finnish National Ballet 1981; The Wolf's Bride (role: Aalo), chor. Elsa Sylvestersson, The Finnish National Ballet 1983.
Work as a teacher (classical ballet):
Professional ballet classes – The Finnish National Ballet 2000 – 2001; The Union of Finnish Dance Artists, Tiloja Tanssille Association 1998 onwards; Theatre Academy of Finland 2000 – 2004; The Finnish National Opera Ballet School, project coordinator and main teacher of the special education progamme of ballet 2004 - 2006, teacher 2004 onwards; Dance Studio Footlight 2005 onwards;
Subsitute teaching positions - The Finnish National Opera Ballet School, Vantaa Dance Institute, Helsinki Dance Insititute, Kerava Dance Insititute, Dance Studio Footlight;
Short courses – Kuopio Dance Festival 1999, Regional dance camp of Keski-Pohjanmaa 2000, summer course of Kerava Dance Institute 2002, summer course of Helsinki Dance Institute 2004, courses for the special education progamme of ballet, The Finnish National Opera Ballet School 2004 - 2006 (Lappeenranta, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Helsinki); Oulu Polytechnic 2006, intensive course organized by the Perpetuum Mobile Association, Tampere 2006.
Work as a répétiteur:
Dance Department of Turku Conservatory of Music and Dance, diploma work of the professional dance programme 1996, 1997; Kuopio Conservatoire of Music and Dance, II Act of The Swan Lake 1996 – 1997; The Finnish National Ballet - workshop, work Tuulipatsaita 1997, personal répétiteur 2001.
Other dance related work:
"Get to know ballet" project for the students of the Uusimaa comprehensive schools 2005, Master Course of Ballet in Mäntyharju 2006.
Other Information Positions of trust:
vice board member of the Union of Finnish Dance Artists 2006 - 2007, board member of the Tiloja Tanssille Association 2006 - 2007, vice chairman of the Timo and Klaus Salin Memorial Fund 2006 - 2007, board memebr of the Ballet Padagogue's Association 2006 - 2007.